Compare BrokersNexus to the Competition

Are you considering offering travel medical insurance online to your customers? We understand that you have several options to choose from. Before making any decision, you should carefully compare the features provided by BrokersNexus vs those provided by our competition.

OverviewSuperior design, functionality, integration, and accessibility.Basic
Website CapabilityDevice responsiveness - easily readable from any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone).

Customized, white-label website with ALL the capabilities you need and want to run your online business.

Webpages are optimized for quick downloading.

Full functionality of Quotes, Comparisons, and Purchase Applications.

Additional widgets and API.
Partial functionality with only quotes, comparison, and purchase.
Website ContentIn addition to the website capabilities, you are provided a wide variety of content, including insurance-related articles; frequently asked questions that we have received from our own customers; and specific destinations, events, and activities.Excluded
Website CustomizationExtensive possibilities to customize your website. Hide specific parts of the website, choose different demographics for your picture display, choose from multiple color schemes, add your own Google Tag Manager tracking, and more.Little or no options to manage website settings or customize your website.
Agent PortalBrokersNexus Dashboard is an enhanced agent portal with tools that allow you to update your contact information, track sales, run production reports, and see your commissions.Basic portal with basic tools and some similar metrics, but with limited tracking and reporting options.
Customer PortalMyAccount offers your customers a central location to manage their policies. It has full functionality of existing features. New features still being added.Not offered or basic options.
Private Label ProductsIncludedExcluded
BrandingEverything is white-label, meaning we do not insert our branding or allow branding from the insurance companies.You will be marketing for your competition. This means that branding from the insurance companies as well as the broker could be shown on your website and printed materials.
Insurance Sections
ExpatriatesAvailableNot offered
Group TravelAvailableNot offered
Marine CrewAvailableNot offered
MissionaryAvailableNot offered
Study AbroadAvailableNot offered
OPTAvailableNot offered
Evacuation and RepatriationAvailableNot offered
Accidental Death & DismembermentAvailableNot offered
Annual MultiTripAvailableNot offered
DisabilityAvailableNot offered
Kidnap & RansomAvailableNot offered
CommissionsHighInformation not available
MultilingualMost content available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.Content available in English only.
SupportLicensed representatives available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Central Time.Support most likely in English only with lesser hours.
Integrated CRMRich functionalityBare-minimum functionality
Data OwnershipYour data belongs to you. BrokersNexus does not intentionally market or remarket your customers.Information not available
BrochuresCompletely white-label HTML brochures with a responsive web design. You and your customers can access from any electronic device.

No branding from the insurance companies (your biggest competitors) or anyone else.

Contact information is yours only, so your customers will contact you for assistance.
Branded PDFs only. They have the insurance companies' branding and direct contact information on them, meaning your customers could mistakenly go to them instead of you, resulting in loss of business to you. Remember that other brokers are not the only competition you have. The insurance companies are our largest competitors.
DomainYour choice. You can choose between using the BrokersNexus domain or using your own domain.Same capabilities
APIAre you capable of developing your own website? Perhaps you want to integrate other products we don't offer.

Use our OmniSecure API as a consolidated multi-carrier API (Similar to SABRE or AMADEUS for airlines) for quoting and purchase.
Information not available
PriceNo cost to you.Information not available

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