OmniSecure® API

OmniSecure API is a REST based API that allows partnered sub-agents to get instant quotes from multiple insurance products and multiple insurance providers. These quotes and product details can then be consumed and displayed in any manner desired.

The Need

Insubuy®, LLC. has been a pioneer in the international travel insurance market for almost two decades. It's website is a marketplace to get instant quotes from multiple products, compare them side by side and make an instant purchase online.

Insubuy, through its BrokersNexus® program, provides a customized, white label website with essentially all the functionality of to each of their sub-agents. Every sub-agent can have a customized subdomain such as with their contact information, logo and a wide variety of customization options. More details can be found at BrokersNexus is more than sufficient for most sub-agents as it is convenient and instantly available after sign up. There are no monthly fees, no development costs, and no technical expertise is required.

For more technical savvy sub-agents that may already be selling other products (such as financial products, travel related products such as airline tickets) and would like to bundle insurance along with it, or sub-agent that would like to offer travel insurance products from their country along with the US products, or offer them in a language that BrokersNexus does not offer (other than English, Spanish, and Chinese) or have a completely different workflow, Insubuy provides OmniSecure® API.


OmniSecure is a Global Distribution System (GDS) API that allows Insubuy's sub-agents to painlessly integrate travel medical insurance products from various insurance companies into their existing websites.

OmniSecure API currently supports international travel medical insurance products for people traveling anywhere outside their home country.

OmniSecure API is a REST based API and allows the sub-agent to get instant quotes from multiple insurance products. The quotes can be consumed and displayed in any matter suitable, along with accompanying information about the products.

Once the customer chooses to purchase a specific insurance product, another API call can be made to complete the purchase.

It is important to keep in mind that it covers multiple insurance products from several insurance companies. Each individual insurance company has their own rules pertaining to their particular products. Even though OmniSecure API provides a fairly consistent API across all of its insurance products, there are several business rules that are specific to each insurance product and must be followed for successful operation.

OmniSecure API eliminates the need to become familiar and implement each insurance company's API separately.

Getting Started

To start using Insubuy's OmniSecure API, you must be signed up with Insubuy as a sub-agent. Getting started is easy and free, simply sign up today to get the process started.

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