Travel Insurance - FAQ to signing up to sell travel insurance

Are you ready to expand your product line by offering travel insurance to your customers? Many agents have questions before they start, so we have prepared the most common FAQs below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Who is BrokersNexus?

BrokersNexus is a B2B brand of Insubuy, Inc., a leader in travel medical insurance with over 15 years of experience. BrokersNexus was created exclusively for the benefit of our sub-agents.

What is the process to sign up?

The process is very simple.

  • You send us the request that you would like to sign up.
  • We send you the insurance contracts for various insurance companies.
  • You complete them and send them to us.
  • We sign you up with each insurance company.
  • We prepare the customized website for you.
  • You sell the insurance and each insurance company pays you the commissions.

What are the commission levels?

You would generally get 20% commissions for most products. The exact commission amounts are written in each contract.

Are these commissions competitive?

Absolutely. Insurance companies generally start new agents at 10% or 15%. Due to the volume of our overall business, we are able to get you started at 20% right away.

What is the frequency of commission payments?

It varies by the insurance company. Most companies pay every month. Some companies pay every 15 days if you do enough business.

What is the example of the website you would prepare for us?

You can look at these example websites:

Do I have to pay anything to you to get the website?

No. It is absolutely free.

Who will maintain and host the website?

We will do that. You only concentrate on the sales.

Do you provide us with the leads?

No. Unlike traditional manual insurance business where there is a lot of process and paperwork, buying travel medical insurance is simple, instant and online. Therefore, we have no reason to send the leads to our brokers to follow up. Our leads can directly purchase the insurance from our own website. If any of our leads have any questions, they can contact our call center 7 days a week where licensed insurance agent employees can answer their questions.

Are there any minimum production criteria?


Is the website you provide us SEO optimized? Will it rank good in search engine?

No. We provide the same website to many brokers. Therefore, search engine indexing is disabled for obvious reasons.

How will I find the customers?

You can find new customers the same way you currently do for your existing lines of business. Additionally, you can market them to your existing customers.

If you have specific ideas, we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

If you would like help, we can give you ideas on how to market. We would be glad to provide you with guidance.

I have a blog and I write articles. Instead of a link, what are the other options?

We can provide you with various widgets of various size that you can embed within your website. Please contact us for examples.

Can you provide the API so that I can host various sections on our website and communicate with your API in the back end?

Yes. We can provide you with API once you are signed up. Please look at for a live example.

Where can I find more information?

We have a lot of useful FAQs available. Please go through the links below:

More Information

Commissions and Payment

Advantages of US Companies

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and a member of our agent contracting team would be glad to help you.

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